About me

Graham Webber Anxiety Therapist

Who is Graham Webber?

I'm Graham Webber a fully qualified Hypnotherapist, Hypnosis Trainer and Coach, who loves to help people.

Having served 18 years as a British Army soldier, I have been exposed too many operational tours including Northern Ireland, Iraq and Afghanistan, and have seen people suffer as a result.

This has helped me find hypnosis and has been something of my life since 2009 where I first started to learn to compliment my magic skills. It created to what I believed was true magic. I then went on to help friends around me, naturally leading to the hypnotherapy side of hypnosis.

Anxiety for social environments and weight loss is something that I pride my work on. This is also a journey that I too have been along.

During sessions I regularly find anxiety to be the controller of many aspects to hold people back. This makes it my job to find out why and be able to re-adjust how you look at it in the future.

Use the skills i have gained to achieve a positive result helps me to work quick and effectively. Hypnosis is not always my first point of call, Having a wide range of skills assists me to treat what is presented to me in different ways.

All this shows I pride myself on looking after people as you can see by my Testimonials

Now you have read my journey i want to hear about yours.

Get in touch and help me to help you!

Graham Webber