Anxiety client

I struggled with anxiety most of my life, and it was accumulating so much I felt it was holding me back from living my life – I was avoiding things out of fear of making a mistake, fear of confrontation, and I was even avoiding things out of a fear of success (anxious I would mess up before I would begin). I decided to give hypnotherapy a try, even though a part of me felt a little sceptical about it, but I had heard through the grapevine about Graham, so thought why not.
While it’s been less than a week since the session (so still early days) I do feel a big shift inside. I don’t panic when I get feedback on my work, instead I look at it cooly and learn from my mistakes instead of beating myself up for them. Even in situations where I would normally be crippled by social anxiety I find myself behaving more naturally without feeling like I need to hold back. I now feel like the door is open for me now to live my life without anxiety reigning me in at every step.